Pacific Northwest Species Change

Richard Waring
Richard H Waring is a Distinguished OSU Professor (emeritus) of the faculty of Forestry at Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon 97331.
Research interests focus on using physiologically-base process models to address issues of environmental change on forest productivity and biodiversity across landscapes and regions.
B.S., 1957, University of Minnesota, St.Paul
M.S., 1959, University of Minnesota, St. Paul
Ph.D., 1963, University of California, Berkeley
Nicholas Coops
Dr. Coops is a faculty member in the Department of Forest Resources Management at UBC, and holds a Canada Research Chair (CRC) in remote sensing.
Nicholas obtained his PhD from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Melbourne Australia, and then worked at CSIRO, the Australian government research labs, for 10 year prior to coming to UBC in 2004.
Nicholas’ research focuses on the application of remote sensing imagery to the monitoring and mapping of forest and vegetation health and productivity.

Raphael Roy-Jauvin


Born in the province of Quebec, Raphael moved with my family to Whitehorse, Yukon at the age of 8. Having grown up most of his life in the isolated North, he has always had an affinity for the grandness of nature, and a desire to center his life around the outdoors. After two years at the University of Ottawa in the Environmental Sciences program, he transferred to UBC's faculty of Forestry. Raph is currently completing a Bsc. in Natural Resources Conservation. His current interests include ecology, GIS and the integration of the two disciplines.



Clayton Beier


Bron and raised in British Columbia, Clay has always enjoyed the beauty and intricacy of nature. His passion for the interconnectedness of biological comunities and the Canadian outdoors led him to UBC's Faculty of Forestry where he is completing his Bsc. in Forest Sciences majoring in plant community ecology. Clay's current interests are parkland management changes in the face of climate change, and forest fire ecology.

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